Truffle inoculated Holm Oak saplings
Truffle inoculated Holm Oak saplings
Truffle inoculated Holm Oak saplings

Truffle inoculated Holm Oak saplings

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Grow your own Truffles.

Also available by Gift certificate.
Did you know that truffles grow wild in Ireland? Once you have tasted the flavour of fresh truffles you will never want to buy those expensive jarred ones again. That's why we have teamed up with leading botanists to provide saplings inoculated with truffles indigenous to Ireland that have been produced free from competing fungal contamination to ensure success in a shorter time, with higher yield and reliability.
The fresh truffles are harvested from October to March and are highly prized for their distinctive flavour, commanding prices as high as €600 per kilo. 
We currently have a batch of 18 month old  Holm oaks (Quercus ilex) sized at about 30cm and mycorrhized with tuber uncinatum. A typical plant should produce truffles within 3 or 4 years and annually thereafter .The Holm Oak is a totally hardy Oak that has been growing in Ireland for hundreds of years. They are suitable for many garden sizes as they can be pruned to limit their growth, and will grow in most Irish soil types. Many Holm oaks are pruned as decorative hedging. They keep their leaves year round.
A fantastic gift idea for Fungi and nature enthusiasts, Foodies and Gardeners.
Trees supplied in root trainers with full instructions. They should be potted or planted within  10 days of receipt. Our current batch is perfect for planting or can be kept in a pot for future planting outdoors.
Shipping is included in the gift cert option to allow for the ultimate delivery of the tree. Instructions included.
To order multiple trees please adjust number on shopping cart . Shipping for multiple trees is lower per tree.
If it suits you you can save the shipping costs by picking up from our home in Glenageary in South County Dublin. This option is available on the checkout screen. 

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