Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom Growing 18/19 May 2019
Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom Growing 18/19 May 2019

Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom Growing 18/19 May 2019

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We are delighted to be finally able to offer a grow your own mushrooms course.  This will be held over two days and will cover all aspects of gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultivation and growing. We are limiting the group to only 15 people. Venue: Gill & Hock,37-38 Abbey Rd, Kill of the Grange, Dublin, A94 F7K8. Price includes lunch, tea/coffee, instruction handouts and your own inoculated log/kit with spawn to take away. Workshop is 10:00 – 16:00 both days. You will get to bring home your own innoculated logs and straw block.

Our guest expert for this course is the brilliant 
Matthew Rooney. Matthew has been a mushroom grower for over 20 years. He runs the first certified biodynamic mushroom farm in the world, Gourmet Mushrooms Limited, in Essex UK. He specialises in cultivating native mushrooms which are foraged from the wild and brought into cultivation. Growing both edible and medicinal mushrooms, he even has his own variety of Reishi named after him. He is expert in all aspects of mushroom growing from collecting wild specimens through propagation  and growing to harvest and selling. 


This course covers growing common edible mushrooms as well as the cultivation of wild species. Topics include:

Preparation: The mini clean room, sterilisation, pasteurisation, equipment, materials and substrates (beds, logs, kits, cardboard and other medium).

Propagation: Aseptic cuttings, spawn, inoculation, mycelium, slurries, manuring, watering, other techniques and practices.

Harvesting and uses: Culinary and medicinal. Selling in farmer’s markets.

Day 1 - 18th May

Introduction to growing
Mushroom log inoculation
Pasteurising substrate
Sterilising substrate
Spore slurry
Making spawn

Day 2 -  19th May
Spawning substrate
Making growing blocks
Outdoor growing beds
Growing conditions
Harvesting methods
Mushroom cloning
Clean rooms


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